Developed by culmination of best practices and cutting-edge design the MEXX BMS ends the quest for extreme safety and excellent performance. It includes proprietary multi layered safety concept, unmatched accuracy and chemistry agnostic prediction algorithms for rugged electric vehicle batteries. Backed by rich expertise from the automotive domain, this BMS is designed for rigorous reliability tests, compliances and certification to best of industry standards.

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Installation of our product on retail outlets across India including those, situated in remote/rural locations with erratic power supply.


Within a very short span of inception, we have been able to achieve many huge orders. Our installations include over 300 units spread across North India, and over 200 units spread over the rest of India. We have received high admiration from our customers for solving their power-related problems even in the remotest of areas, with very weak power supply at input. Post the addition of ILC, there have been negligible power-related failures at our customers' sites, resulting in uninterrupted business and longevity of equipment.


One of the latest and most unique additions to our product portfolio is customized PCB solution for indoor and outdoor signage. We design and manufacture customized PCBs to be put inside signage. It offers a very high quality lighting, combined with unmatchable brightness and uniformity. This makes the manufacturing of the complete signage easier and eliminates any possibility of hotspots.


Animation Beginning May 2016, we have undertaken several projects for Dynamic Illumination of various outdoors. Our installations include multiple flagship sites of Petroleum companies like HPCL and BPCL in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. The feedbacks received are tremendously positive on account of the vibrant look rendered by the work done.



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