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We at Neenjas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated to developing and delivering reliable and cost effective solutions as either a product offering or a turnkey demand in this ever-evolving world of Electronics. Our product offering include LED modules, LED Strips, SMPS, EV Charger, Segmented Display, SPD and Controllers for various LED based products in the market. We also manufacture IGBT based static voltage stabilizer. We value our clients' satisfaction above all and prove this by our unparalleled customer service. As a superior manufacturer in power supply and LED modules for over 12 years, we have triumphantly formulated highly efficient Electric Vehicle Chargers under the Brand Neenjas MFG. supports environmental protection and carbon footprint reduction leading to a cleaner world.

Our Key Business Area’s:

Branding Signage

Illumination solution for the branding signage - LED luminaries and Power Supplies

Power Conditioning

Energy efficient and low maintenance technology for power and voltage regulation

Electrical Vehicles (EV)

Portable chargers for all types of battery topologies

Milestones of our success story:

Our Key Undertakings:

Vision & Mission


To accelerate transition to sustainable energy by playing in integrated energy chain with our products & solutions and help businesses to reduce carbon footprint, power urban transport, and integrate renewable energy with grid.


Our Mission is to provide reliable & high-quality products & also uphold a standard of excellence in the engineering, design, and manufacturing process. We constantly delivering value-added solutions to our clients that power their lives

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Research & Developments

Neenjas is supported by in house team of amazing R&D engineers for all our core markets who continuously strive to build state of the art solutions for our customers and thus helping accelerate faster transition to a greener environment. The development efforts focus both on leading technologies, & incremental improvements of existing designs and always with an overall aim of increasing performance while reducing costs. Almost all of Neenjas revenues are derived from in house developed products. We have skill set in areas of power electronic design, firmware, mechanical & thermal design, systems engineering, customized solutions, battery design and product validation.

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Our Values


we act with honesty & fairness without compromise


We pursue creative ideas that have the potential to change the world


We encourage employees to take the initiative & give their best


We will challenge ourselves to do better & strive for excellence

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