Dynamic Display lighting

7-Segment Price Display Unit from Neenjas Technologies Pvt Ltd is a cost-effective solution for Oil Marketing Companies to exhibit the prices of their products at the numerous Retail Outlets. Their interoperatibility makes them easy-to-install. Their independence from each other makes them more robust to deploy. The data logging through a password protected mechanism is useful to provide insights into the day-to-day operations at the individual outlets. It comes with the quality and assurance of Neenjas Technologies, made using only the highest quality raw material to ensure performance and longevity.

Total 4½ digits, 2 ½ for Rupees and 2 for Paise
 LED Type
SMD Super Bright Red, outdoor type
  Luminous Intensity
 Viewing Angle
  Make of LEDs
Avago/Nichia (to ascertain 5-Year Warranty Period)
 Character Height
~145mm (same for Rupees and Paise)
  Character Width
~80mm (same for Rupees and Paise)
 Number of LEDs per display
427 [ 8 + 6 = 14 per segment * 7 segments * 4 digits = 392 PLUS 7 for Decimal Dot PLUS 28 half digit ]
  Rows of LEDs / segment
2 [ 8 + 6 ]
 Dimensions of cabinet
502 x 215 x 60 (W x H x D, all in mm)
  Cabinet Front
2.5mm Transparent Red Acrylic Sheet
 IP Rating
  Cabinet Sheet Metal thickness
Double Sided, FR4, 35um Copper, HASL Finish, 1.6mm, Electrically Tested with Report from PCB Manufacturer
  Display Window Size
460 x 175 (W x H, all in mm)
 Interface for Rate Updation
- Wired communication with Retail Automation over RS485
- Wireless though Local WiFi over Web Browser
All displays shall be electrically isolated and must work independently in all aspects, including control circuitry
 Supply Voltage
140-300 VAC Continuous, 440V Protection for 15mins, 6kV Surge Protection...
  Event Logging
- Rate change events with new rate, old rate, date and time
- Cumulative power on hour recording
- On-off event logging

   User Friendly Rate Update over WiFi

  Compatible with Retail Automation

  Superb Visibility

  IP67 Rating

  Easy Installation

  Low Power Consumption

  Data Logging


   Price Display

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