Intelligent Line Conditioner (ILC) by Neenjas Technologies P. L. is an AC to AC direct buck-boost voltage stabilizer. It is based on high frequency PWM driven IGBT. It measures the incoming AC Voltage against the nominal voltage and adds/subtracts the required difference using DSP, to achieve precisely regulated Output Voltage. This gives the ILC such tight regulation and fast correction speed, which is impossible to obtain using conventional methods such as servo voltage stabilizers, SCR/triac type stabilizers, relay type stabilizers etc. It offers absolutely silent operation and pure sinewave output (no waveform distortion) and is available for capacities upto 70KVA for Single Phase and 200KVA for 3-Phase Unbalanced Load.

  Input Voltage Range
Typically +15% ie. 195-265VAC Line-Neutral ; 340-460VAC Line-Line
 Output Voltage
230VAC :1% Line-Neutral ; 400VAC :1% Line-Line
Single Phase: 5KVA, 10KVA, 15KVA : Three Phase: 15KVA, 20KVA, 25KVA, 3OKVA, 40KVA. These are standard offerings, however, can be made till 70KVA (Single Phase) and 200KVA (3-Phase, Unbalanced Load)
 Operation Frequency
47-63 Hz
  Duty Cycle
 Correction Speed
Greater than 4000V/s; Output Regulation within 20ms ie. 1 wave cycle
  Response Time
10 milliseconds
IGBT Temperature controlled Fan Cooled
Class H Insulation for Galvanic Components
  Working Principle
MOSFET based Bridge Type Center Aligned Switching
  Variants Available
  Battery Input
  Battery Charging Principle
Constant current SMPS charging with full charge cutoff
  Battery Charger Working Range
120-270VAC Mains
230VAC @50HZ
Pure Sinewave
  Changeover Delay
3-10 milliseconds
Other Parameters
  System Status Monitoring
Battery Voltage, Output Voltage, Running Status, Error, Mode
  Connection Terminals
Line and Neutral
Double Phase, Reverse Polarity, Early Warning for Battery Low, Overload, Short Circuit, Output Feedback Disconnection

   Extremely fast correction speed (>4,000V per sec)

  High Efficiency of above 96%

  Output Voltage regulation within ±1%

  Surge Protection upto 8kV

  EMI and Noise filtering

  Overload Protection

  No Maintenance and Long Life

  Auto trip and restart

  Very Compact Size and Lightweight

  Silent Operation

  LCD Display for Parameter Monitoring

  Also available with Backup

  Remote monitoring of operating parameters and control of device

  Protection against 440v mains input

  Dynamic short circuit protection with fold-back current limiting

  SMPS type constant current charger with full charge cutoff

  Protection against accidental output feedback disconnection

   Hospitals / Medical Equipment


  Commercial /Shopping Malls


  Industrial Application

  Military Facilities

  Radio & TV Systems

  Textile Industries

  CNC & PLC Based Machine

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