Intelligent Line Conditioner (ILC)

Intelligent Line Conditioner (ILC)

Products Specification

Input Voltage Range Typically ±15% i.e. 195-265VAC Line-Neutral ; 340-460VAC Line-Line
Output Voltage 230VAC ±1% Line-Neutral ; 400VAC ±1% Line-Line (Adjustable)
Variants Single Phase: 5kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA ; Three Phase: 15kVA, 20kVA, 25kVA,
30kVA, 40kV * These are standard offerings, however, can be made till 70kVA
(Single Phase) and 200kVA (3-Phase, Unbalanced Load)
Operation Frequency 47-63 Hz
Duty Cycle Continuous
Correction Speed Greater than 4000V/s; Output Regulation within 20ms i.e. 1 wave cycle
Response Time 10 milliseconds
Efficiency >96%
Cooling IGBT Temperature controlled Fan Cooled

Intelligent Line Conditioner (ILC) by Neenjas Technologies P. L. is an AC to AC direct buck-boost, Static Voltage Stabilizer. It is based on high frequency PWM driven IGBT. It measures the incoming AC Voltage against the nominal voltage and adds/subtracts the required difference using DSP, to achieve precisely regulated Output Voltage. This gives the ILC such tight regulation and fast correction speed, which is impossible to obtain using conventional methods such as servo voltage stabilizers, SCR/triac type stabilizers, relay type stabilizers etc. It offers absolutely silent operation and pure sinewave output (no waveform distortion). It is available for capacities upto 70kVA Single Phase and 200kVA 3-Phase.

  • Instantaneous correction of Voltage sags and swells
  • Continuous Duty during brownouts
  • Tight regulation within ±1%
  • Removal of Transients and Noises
  • Real Time Monitoring Option Available
  • MCB at Input, Contactor at Output, Manual Bypass Changeover
  • Cutoffs for Overload, Short Circuit, Double Phase, Low Input Voltage, High Input Voltage
  • Automatic Bypass during breakdown
Surge Protection
  • Class II Surge Protection : 8kV for 1.2/50μs waveform (4kA 8/20μs equivalent)
  • Higher Rating can be offered if needed
  • All 3 phases have separate, heavy duty, 3-stage surge filters at input
  • Noise filters on input and output to protect against EMI/RFI
Installation Details

Within a very short span of inception, we have been able to achieve many huge orders. Our installations include over 300 units spread across North India, and over 200 units spread over the rest of India. We have received high admiration from our customers for solving their power-related problems even in the remotest of areas, with very Erratic power supply at input. Post the addition of ILC, there have been negligible power-related failures at our customers' sites, resulting in uninterrupted business and longevity of equipment.