Neenjas ILC- The Game Changer

Intelligent Line Conditioner (ILC) by Neenjas Technologies is based on high frequency Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) driven Voltage Converter. It takes incoming AC power, digitally compares against nominal voltage, and makes addition/subtraction of voltage in real-time.
Accuracy of ±1%, with 1ms response time, is achieved by the ILC, thus providing uninterrupted, smoothly regulated output voltage for your equipment. This is practically impossible in conventional AVR systems.

Capabilities of ILC

  • Voltage Fluctuations
  • Sags (Dips)
  • Swells
  • Surges upto 8kV
  • Against electrical noises which arise due to poor transmission.

  • Highlights

  • Realtime Voltage Correction within ±1%
  • Overload Protection upto 200%
  • High Reliability and Low Maintenance
  • Unparalleled Correction within 20ms
  • The Neenjas Edge- Real time Online Monitoring

    The ILC has an LCD display to monitor system status. It also comes with Ethernet and WiFi Connectivities to monitor system status and power consumption in realtime, remotely through mobile app. The user will get also get intimation in the highly unlikely event of a fault or breakdown.

    Power Variants

  • We offer ILC single Phase which can cater to your 1kVA – 10kVA using Discrete IGBT Architecture and 15kVA – 70kVA using IGBT Modules
  • We offer ILC Triple Phase which can cater to your 3kVA – 30kVA using Discrete IGBT Architecture and 45kVA – 210kVA using IGBT Modules
  • Application Areas

  • Fuel Pumps and other Oil and Gas based verticals
  • Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Telecommunication, Wireless Broadcast and other transmission sites
  • Tech Parks and other Office spaces
  • Companies with CNC or PLC machinery
  • Wood-work industries, Paper Mills, Data Centers, Automobiles
  • Robotics, Hotels and Resorts, Print presses, Semiconductor Fabrication Units, Laboratories
  • Hotels and Resorts, Print presses, Semiconductor Fabrication Units, Laboratories

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